the review of JMGO 01 Ultra-short Throw Projector

The fundamental usefulness of the JMGO 01 is fantastic and resolves the exemplary issues related with projectors. Nonetheless, the Android establishment has issues and makes utilizing an additonal streaming gadget a need.

Good Side JMGO 01

  • Modest for super short toss
  • Low idleness for gaming
  • Bluetooth remote

Poor Side JMGO 01

  • Android application store isn’t Google’s
  • Needs Netflix Grade 1 accreditation
  • Just 800 ANSI lumens splendid

Video projectors have various very much recorded issues. The most clear of which is that to get a large enough presentation requires the projector to be behind the watcher, permitting the pictures to be clouded by anything that passes before them.

While mounting the projector to the roof helps, the best arrangement is a super short toss plan where the projector sits exceptionally near the divider yet at the same time creates an enormous picture.

Preferably, all projectors ought to be of this sort, yet the perplexing optics and accuracy parts make it ridiculous for less expensive plans.

What clients might want is a super short toss plan that doesn’t cost thousands, similar as the JMGO 01 we’re checking on today.

Is this Indiegogo sold gadget the response to those that don’t need a goliath TV overwhelming their living space or just piece of the arrangement?

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Cost and accessibility

Accessible through the crowdfunding gateway Indiegogo for $699. It evidently initially planned to cost $1,165, as indicated by JMGO, yet it costs not exactly that at this point. That converts into 5,423 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars), or £512 UKP, however those costs probably wo exclude delivery to your particular worldwide area.

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Projection Technology: DLP

Max Source goal: 3840×2160 (4K)

Local goal: 1080p

Splendor (Lumens): 800

Toss Ratio: 0.25:1

Difference Ratio: 5000:1

Driven Lifespan: 45,000 hours

Organization Connectivity: Ethernet LAN, WiFi or Bluetooth

Size: 100 x 310 x 240mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 2.3kg

Where ordinary projectors have blended plans towards what a great many people hope to see from a video projector, super short toss equipment hasn’t yet arrived at that agreement.

The JMGO 01 is an exceptionally odd-looking gadget that looks a cycle like a space-age adaptable padding pad, where the client confronting side is silver, and the divider confronting end is a grayish shading.

It’s with regards to the size of an ordinary projector, being 31cm wide, 24cm profound and 10cm high. Weighing simply 2.3kg, it’s light enough to effectively mount to a roof without requiring underlying alterations.

The DLP projection, as this plan doesn’t utilize lasers, is produced in a space recessed into the top, and peculiarly the possibly time you’ll know about this is the point at which you had the opportunity to turn it off utilizing the top-mounted force button, as you will break the bar doing as such.

That force button arrangement has neither rhyme nor reason, and where every one of the ports are in this plan wasn’t really thought about by the same token.

Every one of the ports are confronting the divider, including all the USB ports. It would have been exceptional to have those confronting the client, so clients could all the more effectively addition and eliminate neighborhood stockpiling.

That perspective could be better, yet the ease of use of the 01 is improved by an excellent controller included with the projector. Its plan is vigorously Apple affected, and on the grounds that it utilizes Bluetooth to interface its dependable and works regardless of whether it isn’t pointed straightforwardly at the 01.

At the point when the projector controls up, it at first tasks an essential however useful interface that gives admittance to the most regularly utilized provisions. It empowers the client to introduce and run applications, access substance from USB associated capacity or watch HDMI content from a streaming gadget, Blu-beam player or games console.

For streamlining the 01, a settings page gives a way to choose the info, change the scale and cornerstone of the projection and twelve different changes. There is even a low-inertness mode intended to give gamers the best insight in case they’re playing timing-delicate titles.

We didn’t see anything startling in the menu structure, however similarly, there wasn’t a thing critical missing. The 01 gives the very usefulness that we’ve seen from numerous cutting edge projector plans, however with the additional capacity to be utilized incredibly near the projection divider.


JMGO doesn’t give a lot of data about the internals of the 01, however we figured out how to uncover a couple of fascinating subtleties. The stage SoC is a quad-center MediaTek MT9669 processor, brandishing 3GB of RAM and 16GB of inside stockpiling.

That is a fair measure of memory for Android and makes for commonly a smooth encounter while exploring between highlights.

MediaTek made the MT9669 explicitly for video preparing, and its MALI-G52 MC1 GPU can unravel AVS, AVS2, H.264, H.265/HEVC, VP-9, AV1 and SHVC 4K60@10bit all in equipment. Sound help for Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X is likewise inborn.

Furthermore, while the most extreme local goal of the 01 is 1080p, the SoC can take 4K streams and documents and downsample them to 1080p for projection.

Where this plan looks at somewhat less well to its more costly friends is that it just has a most extreme splendor of 800 lumens. That is not a level that functions admirably in areas with huge surrounding light, and surprisingly in a room with blinds, it very well may be hard to see subtleties in dull scenes.

Around evening time this ought to be less of an issue, yet the 01 shouldn’t be considered for any area where outside brightening could be an issue.

To deliver a 80 inch show, a partition of only 10 creeps from the divider is required, staying away from the requirement for a table of critical profundity to be utilized.

The LED bulb has a functioning existence of 45,000 hours, and we didn’t perceive any undeniable way of supplanting it should it fizzle. That timescale addresses 8 hours every day for a very long time, making the absence of substitution less of an issue.

One part of the 01 that astounded us was the sound framework, frequently a piece of projector innovation that is ignored. Inside mounted Dynaudio sound system speakers create clear and energetic sound with altogether more bass than we at any point anticipated.

Being used

The client experience of the 01 was a blended one at first, as the firmware on the audit machine had a few issues that, even after an update, we neglected to get completely settled.

Our equipment was running a variation of Android with an interface called Luna OS, however it’s adequately near Android that it can run pairs intended for that stage.

We accept that large numbers of the issues we experienced were down to this Chinese application administration, since it seemed, by all accounts, to be endeavoring to associate with servers that aren’t open in the West.

The consequence of these issues was that the applications introduced on the application store wouldn’t download or introduce whatever we attempted.

It is completely conceivable to side-load APK records utilizing a USB memory stick, and we did this effectively to add some test applications, however that will not keep them kept up with like an appropriate store.

One of the conspicuous decisions for this sort of establishment is Netflix, yet we’d advise against attempting this. JMGO’s FAQ expresses that “Netflix doesn’t work because of its authorizing limitation, in any event, for reflecting.” Not certain in case that is actually right, yet it likely could be that this equipment doesn’t have the certificates expected to show streamed content in HD goals.

What the producers suggest, and we concur, is that the most ideal way of watching streamed content is with a Chromecast or Fire TV stick, since these are affirmed and gushing from them functions admirably.

You introduce the VLC application by side-stacking it from a USB streak drive and utilize its upgraded capacity to introduce video records from joined capacity. However, assuming you don’t utilize that element, the Android part of this gadget is generally dead.

Sending content from a telephone or tablet is accomplished utilizing Airplay for iOS and EShare for Android equipment. We’d of favored customary projecting, yet these choices tackle job.

The first particular additionally vowed to have inbuilt Alexa usefulness, however JMGO educated us that this at present doesn’t work, yet an update will add it sooner or later.

These tangles take a portion of the sparkle off this gadget, however a large number of the limits can be evaded by the minor extra cost of a Chromecast or comparative thingamajig.

Last Point

There are portions of this projector that we thought were incredible and others that have serious room for improvement to arrive at the important clean that retail items ought to have naturally.

It’s additionally worth thinking about that JMGO likewise makes a 01 Pro model that seems to address a significant number of the impediments that keep down the first 01, like the splendor of the LED.

How helpful the 01 is to you will be altogether founded on how you mean to utilize it. Since without other equipment, attempting to utilize it for web-based features is probably going to frustrate the purchaser. The absence of innate application backing and SD quality streaming subvert the capability of this equipment.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you consolidate the 01 with a Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, any new Roku box, or a games control center and it turns into a totally unique suggestion.

It delivers sharp and somewhat over-immersed pictures, punchy sounds, and a huge screen for just a strikingly brief separation from the projection surface.

Due to the somewhat low lumen worth of 800, we’d unequivocally suggest purchasing a projection screen for the 01, as you need the most extreme intelligent skip. Yet, alternately, the blacks in dull scenes infrequently become dark because of light drain from all the more emphatically enlightened regions,

For those that need to utilize the USB ports for media playback the inner media player doesn’t have the codec support yo

It is feasible to stream content from neighborhood NAS servers, however the 01 doesn’t have any system for two-factor confirmation on the off chance that you utilize that to ensure against undesirable perusing of the substance. Once more, there are ways around this, yet they’re just for the actually capable.

By and large, the JMGO 01 is a fascinating piece of projection innovation that appears as though it was a model for the 01 Pro model. Yet, a critical number of these kinks ought to have been settled before dispatch.

Ideally, JMGO will address these restrictions and make the 01 a gadget worth claiming.

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